No, participating into the Launch you will accept the terms and aggreements and associated legals. Unless you are a USA citizen, you will need to provide relavant documentation. Please contact us for the most uptodate details and requirments.

As of right now we aim to accept USA citizens, but you will need to identify yourself and provide detailed information. If this is of interest to you, please contact us to register

Our tokens are written on top of Ethereum. So Ether. Need help exchanging BitCoin or AltCoin to Ether, let us know

In specific cases we can take major currencies via a payment processor. Contact us for more information.

There will be an unlimited number of tokens. As the tokens are part of a profit/fee schema. To learn more read the Launch paper

Most likely the exact opposite. The funds are used for two parts. Operational Growth, Private Fund. The larger the private fund is, the greater the compounding return as well as low risk. In general, the more tokens sold, the more benefits you will receive.

Token issue will be either at the point of investment or at the end of the ICO.

The fee share will be paid out to wallet in tokens. There is a potential at early stages it may be paid out in ether

The application tokens will be listed on the exchange, details will become avalabe when released

Yes, unlike other ICOs we have registered business and over 200 employees right now

In the Launch document, we have shown the legal companies, the founders, BIO. As well as a proven track history of small business financing.

Right now our market has been limited to a few companies, with large private investors and a lot of technical phobic people. It is time that individuals have access and benefits to this market, and bring this industry into the future

Our business is explicitly in the market place of future funds receivable. Which means we do not fall under banking regulations. We have full time legal team to ensure all parties are protected and complaint. If your a USA citizen, please contact us regarding your obligations

Yes, but it will remain private until the end of the Launch to avoid any scams

Looking for more answers?

Feel free to get in contact with one of our team members.

Technical question?

Please contact Scott Underhill through one of the social media channels

Financial Question

What to know more about the finance process, current sites, structures. Please get in contact with Jon Fry


Interested more in the legals, or your a USA citizen. Please contact us.