BlockFundx the new way of investing

BlockFundx is a global, open source, and decentralised way of investing and hedging against volatility in the digital currency world. Before investing into secondary markets involving large funds, complex regulations, and complete trust, let BlockFundx guide you.

Unlike traditional investment where a fund manager will get a salary and commission regardless of performance. Your capital is invested directly as part of a syndication, for the time that you set.

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Open Ledger

See all performance for all investments on the blockchain. Ensuring they are true.


Unlike other investment firm, our success is dependent on transparency and returns


You can track your funds and returns real time - with full visibility into performance


You will get access to opportunities which historically would only be limited only to large private investors

Want to Protect Against Market Volatility

Looking for a simple way to protect yourself against volatility in digital currency? BlockFundx guides you through the right way, allowing you to index your funds against commodities or currency for a period of time


Bridging Finance

Line of Credit

Invoice Financing

Asset Based Financing


Contribute and Invest

Ever been interested in investing, both in the digital and real world - working with limited funds, without large fees, without a bank or fund manager taking huge commissions?

Join CrowdFunding and help us raise capital to get started. As part of crowdfunding, you will allow us to set up and develop a system and process in place to deliver a solution for the cryptocurrency environment. This will also provide access to secondary investments which were only available for the privileged and rich before.

Commitment to Our Contributions

We are committed to helping you. In this crowdfunding project, our objective is to give back by allowing tokens to be exchanged for either rewards or access to application. For more details, please read the Launch paper

The Architecture

The architecture is designed to use a variety of components. The first is the smart contracts, ensuring complete transparency as well as well as ensuring future receivables. Also a blockchain ledger allowing you to evaluate future and current performance

Our Team

Meet the team of professionals who are working to provide you the best solutions for the future


Scott Underhill

Founder - Technical

Scott Underhill working with a variety of financial systems, system and software development, blockchain technology, as well as AI development.


Jon Fry

Advisor - Investment

Acts as the investment team adviser in business financing and syndication with over 200 finance, sales, and marketing personnel around the globe.



Commodity Adviser

Michael works for top Institutes and private investors for portfolio and investment strategies in commodities, index, and reserves and hedging.

Learn More About How It Works

Watch the short presentation about how it will work, and how it will operate.

BlockFundx Tokens

Use fundx tokens to move funds, and to get the funds returns.

Smart Contracts

Complete visability into use of funds and distributions.

Blockchain Ledger

True tracking of performance, with blockchain ledger.


Web Moible Tools

Evaluate performance, potentials returns and more.


Complaince team, and contract team. Ensuring your protection .

Track Record

Work with us, with a proven track record in briding finance and credit .

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Keep up to date with the latest changes, Launch and more.